Hi, I am Emma Craven.

I serve those who are looking to remember the biggest moments of their life.

Every detail | every moment | every emotion - captured forever to tell YOUR STORY.

My husband Nick and I were married outside in a grove of trees under an arch cut from birch trees with book pages nailed to it. It was the perfect, low-key, no-stress day and a large part of that had to do with having an amazing photographer.

I want to be that person for you!

Most days you can find me:

Chasing my son, Wesley, around the yard and our goldendoodle, Novella, following closely behind with a ball in her mouth. When I'm not working, you can find me curled up on the couch with a good book and a cup of loose-leaf tea balanced precariously in the cushions, gardening, running the trails, trying a new dark chocolate dessert recipe, traveling, learning about holistic medicine or talking about movies/video games with my wonderful husband, Nicholas.

Did you name your son after Wes Craven?

Although my husband is a huge horror movie fan, we did not name him after Wes Craven.

He is actually named after Westley from The Princess Bride. We own approximately 10 copies of the movie and Nick proposed to me by cutting a hole in the book (blasphemy!) and hiding a ring inside.

Wait, your dog is nutella? vanilla? what?

Her name is NOVELLA which in Italian means young & new.

Merriam-Webster defines a novella as "a work of fiction intermediate in length and complexity between a short story and a novel".

We got Novella right before we were married so at the beginning of our story & hopefully she will be around for many chapters of our novel.

an unmedicated birth?

I believe in living a holistic lifestyle and having an unmedicated birth was very important to me.

Wesley was born at a Birth Center with two midwives and it was EMPOWERING.

My body was built to bring children into this world and by golly, I was going to do it naturally if I could!!

If you choose me as your birth photographer, I will be your BIGGEST cheerleader because I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!

Did we just become best friends?