Whenever I enter someone's home...

my eyes immediately go to their walls. Art, quotes, photos? What do you have hanging on your walls? What are you displaying for the world to see? It makes me incredibly happy when I see faces on walls. From the black & white photo of your grandma with her sisters to the freshly hung photo of your newest addition to the family, photos bring meaning to a house. For me, photos are home.

Photos bring a sense of comfort - your walls become a blanket that wraps you up tight in memories shared with loved ones. They become a story you share with family members and strangers alike.

In a society that craves 15-second videos and immediate gratification, I find myself reaching for tangible memories that I can linger on. Photos remind me of people and places that I love. Recalling happy occasions and milestones that have passed.

When you are having a bad day or are feeling stressed, I urge you to look at a photo that makes you happy. Take a walk to your hallway and look at a face that makes you smile. Try and remember what you were doing when that photo was taken.

How did that moment feel?

I am on a mission to fill as many frames as I can this holiday season. I want you to get your photos OFF your phone and ONTO YOUR WALLS! Fill your home with memories from last week, last year, or a decade ago - it doesn't matter when the photo was taken, if it brings you joy, hang it up to share with others.

All past clients of mine with a current gallery are receiving the opportunity to purchase a print package to create a gallery wall in their homes.

The package will come with four 5x7 prints, two 8x10 prints, one 11x14 print, and one 16x20 print.

You can choose from any of the images in your gallery to build out your wall. All you need to do is navigate to your gallery, enter the store attached to it by clicking the shopping cart icon in the right-hand corner, and choose the #FillTheFrames Print Package.

When you get your photos framed and hung on your walls, be sure to tag me on Instagram & Facebook so I can see what you are creating :) @emmacravenphotography #filltheframes