9 Reasons You Should Consider a Friday Wedding.

Planning for a wedding has gotten a little crazy over the past few years. Venues, florists, and photographers are booking up years, yes years, in advance; leaving those last-minute planners and procrastinators in the dust. If you are looking for an alternative to the normal Saturday wedding, check out the following nine reasons why you should consider a Friday wedding.

More availability at your preferred venue of choice.

Wedding vendors have 2-3 days a week that they focus on bookings.

Weddings tend to be on the weekend unless you decide to elope, which can be done at any time.

Since weddings are typically booked on Saturdays, venues have a lot more flexibility for Friday wedding options!

More affordable

Who doesn't like saving money?

Especially when it comes to your wedding....sometimes wedding vendors/venues offer discounts for booking on a Friday. (I know I do!)

You might have better luck negotiating with your preferred venue for a lower rate since they might not have as many couples looking for the same date.

An extra day on the weekend

Have you ever gone to a wedding, had a ton of fun, fully enjoyed the open bar, and then woke up Sunday morning and thought "crap, I wish I had more time to recover...." Let's face it, we aren't as young as we used to be and what used to be a 2 hours hangover is more like 2 days, am I right?

Having your wedding on Friday allows for an extra recovery day after all the fun they will be having at your Friday night wedding!

Plus YOU will have an extra day before you jet off to your honeymoon or start another work week.

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Timeline starts later

The end of the day always has the best lighting - I'm sure you've heard your local photographer post about "golden hour".

If you plan on having a Friday wedding in the spring/summer, you can schedule your ceremony time later, say around 5pm, allowing time for your guests to make it coming from work.

Fall/winter weddings are recommended to do a "first look" so all your photos can be done before your ceremony, which will most likely be happening around sunset.

Incentives might be offered

Along with a discount, your venue or wedding vendor might offer an incentive to book them for a Friday wedding.

Late-night snack from your caterer?

Second night in the wedding suite comped?

You never know what a vendor will be willing to offer you in order to fill their calendar. (Ask me!)

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Host a brunch for your bridal party/friends/family on Saturday!

Let's say you rent a space for the whole weekend - you get to spend time with your friends & family for more than one day.

You can wake up and host/go out for brunch on Saturday, spending the day with the people that mean the most to you chatting about how awesome your wedding was.

More availability for Thursday night rehearsal

Friday and Saturday nights are always crazy busy with high wait times.

When you add a big group into the mix, it's hectic trying to get food served in a decent amount of time for that many people.

It is much easier to host a large rehearsal dinner on a Thursday evening at your favorite restuarant.

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Photographers/other vendors might have more openings

Speaking from a photographer's perspective, my Saturdays are always the first to book up - sometimes over a year in advance.

If you are flexible and looking at a Friday, those in the wedding industry tend to have more openings.

Plan on a short notice

Newly engaged and hoping to get married ASAP? Most wedding vendors are booking over 1-2 years in advance these days.

When you aim for a Friday wedding, the chances of you getting the season/month you want are much higher!

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