Lydia + Nate Miller | 5.22.21

Have you ever gone to a new place and felt completely at home? Where strangers quickly became friends and friends feel like family? Lydia & Nates wedding was that feeling....over and over, all day long.

It's the first wedding of 2021 and the weather is shaping up perfectly for a ceremony on Lydia's family farm. As soon as I pull in the driveway, I know I am in to capture a really special day. I look off to my right and see the reception tent set up in one of the riding rings. I quickly make my way over there to check out the reception décor, which matches Lydia's personality perfectly, from the cow skull guestbook to the vintage plates to the shedded deer antlers that I watched her gather over her Instagram stories over the previous months. Oh yeah, this was going to be a good day.

The ceremony site stands ready, centered by a hitching post made by the bride's brother. The post will move to the newlyweds house after the big day. Making my way to the girls getting ready, I can feel the emotions in the air already. There is so much love here on this family farm and the joining of two families is adding an electricity to the air that is palpable.

Before the ceremony, we do a first look with dad, but not before Mother of the Bride gives her husband his wedding vest with the gold chain from her father who had recently passed. Next comes the first time dad will see his little girl in her wedding dress and oh boy, do the tears flow.

Dad & the bride stand behind a lace curtain before the ceremony begins and already I can see the tears forming in the guests eyes. As they step from the curtain and down the aisle, there isn't a dry eye in the crowd of loved ones; it's clear how Lydia & Nate's love for each other shines. The ceremony continues with a family friend singing & the brother of the bride officiating a short, but beautiful lesson. When they are pronounced man & wife, the bridal party & guests go wild. Wearing customized wedding rings, Lydia & Nate head back up the aisle for the first time as husband & wife and they barely make it to the back before leaning in for another smooch. Can you tell I find them utterly adorable?!

The photos below show a love story that has been passed down through generations - through Mom & Dad who have shown their sons and daughters what love and marriage can be with patience and hard work. As I drove home from the wedding, I couldn't help but be incredibly thankful for being surrounded by such genuine, loving people and honored they choose me to capture their story.


Bouquets: Root + Bloom Flowers, Renfrew PA

Necklace: Three Wolves Trading Post

Earrings: Precious Debris, Beaver County PA

Hat: Wild Gringa Bags & Boutique

Dress: All Who Wander / White Lace Bridal, Indiana PA

Guestbook: Outlaw Skulls

Photographers: Emma Craven & Meredith Slee